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Anderson's La Costa Nursery Encinitas
San Diego County Garden Design Center  760-753-3153

Gardern and Outdoor Water Fountains & Water Features

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Welcome to Anderson's La Costa Nursery

San Diego Counties finest local
independent garden center

Unique plant selections, including......

Cactus & Succulents

Indoor Plants - great Orchid selections

Shrubs & Foundation Plants

.......and - "grow your own" edibles

Vast selection of colorful bedding plants

Pottery, Garden Decor & Unique Gift Selections

Extensive selection of fountains & birdbaths

Award winning garden design services

Nothing heightens your enjoyment of the garden like a water feature. Anderson's La Costa Nursery offers one of the largest selections of fountains in San Diego County. We have more than 100 fountains operating at the nursery every day of the year. We can also special order fountains for you.

Our garden designers also have free reign when it comes to creating exciting vignettes with the fountains - visit the nursery and be inspired by what they've come up with this week.

Anderson’s also maintains a large on hand supply of fountain and pond accessories including a broad selection of fountain pumps, algaecides and scale mitigation products.

At Anderson’s we take pride in stocking a vast line of fountains and garden décor. We have a proud tradition of maintaining one of the largest on hand stocks from these fine fountain and décor suppliers
Feel free to browse the online catalogs for our suppliers listed below:

• Al’s Garden Art (

• Campania International (

• Florence Garden Arts (

All of our fountains and garden décor are manufactured in the United States and our partners have been carefully selected to provide not only a breadth of selection but an assurance of the highest quality manufacturing standards - and - if you see the one you like but we don't have it – we will order it for you!

Delivery and setup is available within San Diego County simply call the nursery for purchase / delivery info.
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