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Garden Design Services

Welcome to Anderson's La Costa Garden Design Services. Our talented staff has designed hundreds of gardens for Southern California homeowners. Having a dedicated garden designer visit your home or office will help you create the beautiful outdoor space you have always dreamed of.

Professional Garden Design Consultation:

  • One of our Garden Designers will make a visit to your home or place of business. The cost of a one-hour onsite visit starts at $450 depending on the project scope and size.

  • During the initial onsite visit, the designer will learn about your vision, hopes, and dreams for your garden. They will survey the location, take measurements and photos, and ask lots of questions.

  • After the initial visit, your designer will develop an itemized plant listing and breakdown of the costs associated with the proposed design to share with you, and a basic placement sketch for viewing.

  • The proposal will include the cost of plant materials, recommended soil amendments, fertilizers, necessary pest/disease control products, delivery, placement, and additional design costs if there are any.

  • A follow-up meeting at the nursery to present the proposed design and plant selection is included in your consultation. One design revision is included. Additional design hours beyond this scope are $100 per hour.

  • Anderson’s garden designers focus their work on our areas of expertise. We do not quote irrigation, installation, and/or hardscape design elements but will be happy to refer you to our selected partners.

We hope you stop in and visit us to find out more about how we can help you with your garden. Our Garden Design team is talented, creative, passionate, and professionalPlus, you get the benefit of Anderson’s almost 70 years of service in the community to back our commitment. Please contact us:

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Meet our Garden Designers: 
Marc and fruit trees_edited.jpg
Hanna 2024.jpg
Our experienced Garden Designers can assist you with:


  • A garden designed to your preferences

  • Optimal plant selection and options for your unique setting and microclimate

  • Advice on drought tolerant and California native designs

  • Recommendations on soil amending

  • Plant problem identification and resolution

  • Address maintenance needs

  • A scheduled nursery visit to view the  recommended plant materials

  • Professional garden advice as needed

Pictured: Marc Smith and Hanna Faulstich

Marc Smith – nursery owner & designer
Marc has decades of experience designing and building functional landscapes with a distinct sense of place. He combines a mix of plants and materials to create inviting and relaxing landscapes that are also well-suited for our region. 

Tandy Denny - senior designer
Tandy’s journey as a plant enthusiast began while growing up in the tropics of Southeast Asia, then Arizona, and then many years in Southern California. She continues to learn as she uses her own gardens as testing grounds to understand how plants grow in various micro-climates. These experiences are blended with the client’s vision and any already established elements into a result that exceeds expectations. “The process of sharing knowledge of colors, textures, and subsequent landscape care is a joy that never gets routine.”

Hanna Faultstich - garden designer, plant lover & artist

Growing up in Encinitas, Hanna has found an appreciation for our Mediterranean climate and coastal landscape. She spent a lot of time around plants in her early years, whether in her own garden or at the San Diego Botanical Garden alongside her mother who worked there for 14 years. Designing landscapes has always been a dream of hers - her journey as a landscape designer began even before she started working at the nursery in 2020. She is inspired by plants and the way they interact and grow together to create a landscape. Hanna is intuitive and talented.

View some of our completed work below:

Click on any image on desktop to enlarge:

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