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At Anderson’s La Costa Nursery, you will discover one of the broadest selections of plants in San Diego County. The nursery property sits on over an acre in a beautiful coastal setting close to the ocean and Batiquitos Lagoon. Open since 1954, Anderson’s is one of the few independent retail nurseries still in existence. Meet our staff »

Take A Stroll Through Anderson’s La Costa Nursery:

  • Main Entrance: colorful bedding plants, ground cover, decorative rocks, sheds for pest control and organic soil & fertilizers, and Garden Gift Shop

  • Garden Gifts: Woodstock Windchimes, bird feeders, garden decor, solar lanterns, garden stakes, hand-crafted greeting cards and items by local artists, and a selection of gifts for the garden and gardener

  • Dry Goods, Tools & Seeds: You’ll find a large selection of gloves, watering cans, hoses, plant tags and other gardening tools, and Botanic Interests and San Diego Seed Company seeds

  • Shade Section for shade plants, flowering vines, tropical plants, bonsai, outdoor bromeliads, and specialty and unusual plants

  • Indoor Greenhouse holds a beautiful selection of tropical and indoor house plants from 2-inch mini pots, hanging baskets, orchids, and low-water indoor plants, all the way up to large-scale specimen plants. Baskets, macrame and pot liners in the back.

  • Cactus, succulents, California Native and drought tolerant plants and a variety of trees and shrubs are located as you walk through the nursery south towards La Costa Avenue

  • Pottery can be found under the open shade cloth behind the Indoor Greenhouse for small to medium-sized containers, including Italian Terra Cotta, Mexican Talavera, and a wide selection of pottery and saucers of all shapes and sizes

  • The Pottery House is our old greenhouse converted into a space to display large sets of pottery, an abundance of fountains, and other items such as stakes and trellises. It has also been designed as a shortcut into the Secret Garden...

  • The Berry Aisle leads to the "Secret Garden," a well-known area of the nursery since it first opened its gates in 1954. You’ll find edibles of all kinds: non-GMO herbs and vegetables, citrus, stone and other fruit trees, water plants and the children's playhouse from years ago

  • Garden décor, fountains, birdbaths, and outdoor furniture can be found peppered throughout the nursery and in our dedicated dry goods Pottery House. Our furniture collection is always changing and includes redwood picnic table sets, metal and concrete benches and tables, and artful arches.

400 La Costa Avenue
Encinitas, CA

Open Seven Days a Week
8:30am to 5:00pm

Our Staff

We have a wonderful staff of long-time gardeners, plant experts, and garden landscape designers. We love helping you choose the best plants and amendments for your landscape that will thrive.


Stop in today and meet our staff and learn more about all of the beautiful options for your garden.

Pictured: Tandy, Hanna, Mariah, Manny, Marc, Jen, Courtney, Steven, Madeline & Grace :)

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Our nursery has partnerships with over 70 reputable southern California growers. We are always looking for the best in quality and selection. If we don’t carry what you need, we can special order for you at no extra cost.


We strive to stock exotic and a unique selection of plants without overlooking the crowd favorites. Browse our grounds for:


  • Annual and perennial bedding color

  • Shade and tropical plants

  • Succulents and cactus

  • Ground covers

  • Shrubs and vines

  • Trees – including some 24-inch boxes

  • California Native and drought tolerant plants

  • Herbs and veggies, citrus and stone fruits, seeds

  • Plus, a full greenhouse dedicated to fiddle leaf figs and other ficus, dracaenas, orchids, bromeliads, ferns, and dozens of other houseplants

Please visit Anderson’s La Costa to work with one of our garden experts to help you select the type of plants that will work best in your garden.

Anderson's La Costa Nursery offers one of the best selections of fountains in San Diego County. We are happy to special order a fountain in the perfect size and color for you. 

Feel free to browse the online catalogs for our suppliers listed below: 

Al’s Garden Art »
Campania International »
Florence Garden Arts »


All of our fountains are manufactured in the United States and our partners have been carefully selected to provide not only a great selection but an assurance of the highest quality manufacturing standards.


Fountains, Pottery & Garden Décor

Pottery, garden décor, or a water feature of any size can update the look, feel, and beauty of your garden. We have an abundant selection of pottery from the United States, Asia, Italy and a large selection of hand-painted Talavera pottery and garden décor from Mexico in brilliant designs and colors. We receive new shipments frequently.

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