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Indoor Houseplants

We encourage you to visit our expansive greenhouse to fill all of your interior plant needs. We carry an extensive line of indoor plants from the more common to the highly unusual. Everything in Anderson's La Costa’s greenhouse stock is hand selected from only the premium growers in California. We take great care and pride in this hand selection process and the quality of the plant offerings reflects this approach.

Please ask us about special orders, plants rentals and seasonal items.

We work with only specialty growers to consistently offer the favorites from among approximately 40 indoor and tropical species being commercially propagated. Here is a sampling of what is available in our greenhouse (seasonally dependent):

Orchids: A broad selection of Cattleya, Cymbidium, Dendrobium, Oncidium, Paphiopedilum, Phalaenopsis, Zygopedalums and many rare exotics.

Bromeliads: A great array of colors, sizes and species including an extensive selection of Tillandsias - the ever popular “Air Plant.”

African Violets: From a local specialty grower – we carry a beautiful selection of the world’s number one selling indoor plant.

Dracaena: The Dracaena family makes up an important group of plants used to decorate, scrub the air and make "green" homes, offices, malls, apartments and the landscape around the world. 


Indoor Palms: Indoor palms like Rhapis, Kentia, Chamaedorea (many species) all can add a tropical look to your home (while cleansing the air). We also stock the popular Maya and Areca in numerous species. 

Indoor Bonsai: For the ardent Bonsai artisan – a broad range of styles and plant types to choose from –and- if we don't have it we will attempt to find it for you.

Seasonal Color: Including Hydrangea, Poinsettia, Lilies, Reiger Begonia, Caladium and so much more.

Décor: To ensure that your selection is displayed to its optimum we stock the greenhouse with elegant pottery, water features (and more) to help create the best presentation possible.

Even with a great selection of plants and accessories available, it is the customer service and professional advice that you will appreciate. We look forward to showing you around the greenhouse soon.

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